May 19, 2013
Feast of Pentecost
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“How I long to engulf the heart of the world in the Flame of Truth – Truth which flows from the Holy Spirit, the Source of All Truth. Then, sin would be regarded as sin. Personal holiness would be sought after by all.”

“But, as I speak to you today, sin is upheld as personal freedom. The right to sin is protected by law. Mankind has arrogantly, and without conviction of conscience, redefined My Father’s Commandments.”

“As consciences have been dulled by the general acceptance of error, My Mercy is not pursued. Fear of My Justice is not present in hearts. Mankind seeks his own answers for every consequence of his errors and leaves God out of the equation. I can only tell you in Truth, today, that it must become more and more imperative for humanity to turn to Me for assistance.”

“Here, at this site, I have poured Truth into the world. The Spirit of Truth is at the very heart of these Messages. Do not reject what I offer, but embrace it with a sincere heart. Choose to live in Holy Love. Choose to live in the Truth.”