May 24, 2013
Feast of Mary Help of Christians
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today, I have come to help all to understand that virtue, like anything else, can become twisted to become a tool of evil. Then, of course, it is no longer virtue. Here are some examples. You may take great pains in being patient. This is a virtue. But suppose you are patient with a sinner that needs correction, but you choose patience over a work of mercy in correcting the sin. Patience ceases to have a good end but becomes Satan's trick in perpetuating the way of the sinner.”

“Suppose you are asked to do something out of obedience to an authority or superior, but the outcome of this obedience would destroy a good work or put others in jeopardy. If you have not taken a vow of obedience as a religious, then you, in Truth and righteousness, must not obey, for your obedience would not serve God nor have a good end.”

“In practicing every virtue, you must take stock of the fruits that it bears. Is the virtue serving God and man or could it be convoluted to further Satan's kingdom under the guise of good?”

“In Truth, always work to build up the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. Be Children of the Light.”