June 7, 2013
Feast of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I come to you today on My Feast Day with a Heart of Sorrow and a Triumphant Heart. I hold out to you a Heart that sorrows for all the many who blaspheme My Love and My Mercy. Many have been given the opportunity to believe, but have rejected it or let it slip through their fingers. Some, who never knew Me, choose violence as a religion. They worship falsehood. But each one’s ‘yes’ to Holy Love is My Comfort and like a healing balm to My Heart.”

“My Heart is Triumphant as I see the growth and response to this Ministry. Yes, I am Triumphant in Truth. It takes courage to believe in and to follow the path I am leading you upon. Never before have I opened My Heart to humanity as I have here. Never before has the Way into My Father’s Divine Will been offered to humanity in such a way. The journey through the Chambers of Our United Hearts, though summarily discounted by those who should have valued it, is a pearl of priceless value which will be found worthy in ages to come.”

“Your hearts, though they sorrow for these present times, must also feel triumphant today as we celebrate together this Mission, unlike any other. Let Our Hearts be united and beat as One – not prognosticating the near or distant future, but celebrating in the present moment the Victory of Our United Hearts.”