June 17, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I tell you, the more personal freedoms you lose through unjust laws, the more you are drawn into globalization and the One World Order. Governments must not decide moral issues. This is all part of Satan’s plan to lend misplaced reason to moral degeneration.”

“The Truth has been given you in the Ten Commandments and, again, in My Laws of Holy Love. Departure from these is the sinful attempt to redefine the Truth. Truth remains the Truth. There are no justified compromises which change it.”

“As I have told you before, your attempts to compromise moral issues in any way – especially by law – dictates the future of your country and the world as a whole. It bodes sinister events for all.”

“Therefore, have recourse to much prayer and sacrifice. If you do not abandon Me, I will never abandon you.”

“Synchronize your efforts in prayer by attending the rosary services here where I will always be in your midst. It is only good that can conquer evil. Compromise of good lends victory to the enemy. Always surrender only to Truth.”