July 4, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My Divine Mercy is complete and rests upon every repentant heart and every repentant nation. Sadly, today, hearts and nations do not turn to Me but remain aloof – bent on pursuing the god of free will.”

“So, today, once again I command all people and all nations to live according to Holy Love, which is the embrace of all of My Father’s Commandments. The nation that would do so would be greatly spared by reason of their sincere efforts towards reconciliation with Me and My Father.”

“Until there is a healing in mankind’s relationship with his Creator, the world is in great jeopardy – spiritually and physically. Humanity will never control the future, for the future rests in the Hands of God. How foolish, then, to blaspheme God’s Commandments and provoke His anger. People and nations that do so tempt the Hand of Justice.”

“Be reconciled with the Truth through the words I have given you today. This is the way to prosperity.”