July 9, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Those who come to the property and, with sincere hearts, receive the Seal of Discernment, are given the grace to see their weaknesses and how Satan is attacking them. I cannot defend a soul unless he recognizes the need for My Defense. It is when the soul recognizes the dangers around him, he will also recognize the need for My Protection. Spiritual warfare is most often insidious – unannounced and clothed in goodness. It is through the precious Seal of Discernment evil tactics can be laid bare and the soul can fling himself into the Arms of My Protection.”

“At the same time, receiving this Seal may open the door to another evil unless the soul is wary. That of which I speak is spiritual pride. Do not be misled to believe you have perfect discernment over all spiritual matters because you have stepped onto the site. The Seal is given to illuminate the conscience and to help him define his state before God. It is given towards each one's salvation and perfection.”