July 10, 2013
Jesus Christ


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come today to speak to you about evangelization. The first step of evangelization is to become the Message. Bring life to the Message through your everyday activity. Thus, by example alone you are preaching. Next, evangelize by prayer. I did this often throughout My Public Ministry asking the Father for His Help in touching and convicting many hearts.”

“When you are given the opportunity to preach or to speak openly to one person or to a group, do so humbly – losing sight of yourself and without self-righteousness. Remember, the Message you are given to pass on is not from you, but from Heaven. Do not concern yourself with your reputation or how the gift of the Message is received. Offer it gently and move on. Present the Message simply – not in a tangle of words that the listener has to sort out. If the listener wants more information let him pursue you.”

“Each soul needs to participate in some form of evangelization daily – whether it is living the Message, praying or speaking about the Message. Always know there will be opposition. Know that I am with you in your every effort and, especially, in your weakest moment.”

“A sincere heart shines through and is your ally.”