July 14, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Holy Love must be in the heart as the foundation of every virtue. The stronger the virtue of Holy Love, the stronger is every other virtue. Since love is the foundation of personal holiness, it stands to reason that Holy Love in the heart is the target of Satan who seeks the destruction of every soul.”

“Therefore, do not be dismayed at the attacks swarming around this Mission of Holy Love; for here is a whole Ministry and an apparition site, as well, dedicated to Holy Love. If you lend credence to all the controversy, you are deceived by evil – the very evil that seeks your demise.”

“The Gospel Message of My Commandments of Love is the foundation of Truth which I call you to. Stand firm upon this Rock of Love. Let Holy Love consume and transform you. Then you will be completely Mine. It is Holy Love in your heart that holds you firmly upon the path of Truth and builds you up in virtue. I desire the spiritual house of each soul be stabilized in Holy Love, thereby being My Glory in the world.”