July 15, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“These days, the forces of good versus evil are very apparent in the world. This is because tolerance towards evil has become in ‘vogue’. At the same time, tolerance of sound Christian values is dwindling.”

“Moral issues have erroneously entered into politics – ebbing away at human rights. Slavery to sin is now viewed as a freedom while intrinsic freedoms are being compromised and challenged.”

“Holy Love dictates, out of love of God and neighbor, that you always stand for the Truth. The Truth is supported in Scripture and in these Messages. The Truth does not always bring comfort and support pleasure. The Truth wars against sin and error and is, especially during these times, very often unpopular.”

“In My call to you along the path of Light and Truth, I am your support and consolation. You have only to fear losing sight of the Truth, for then the danger is grave. I desire that your baby steps along this path become giant steps.”

“Good will come to victory in the end. But, I tell you, we must convict many consciences and reverse public stance on many moral issues to achieve this victory.”

“Prayer and sacrifice are the weapons of choice during this moral war. I encourage your every effort.”