July 16, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I have come to help you understand the desolation of My Heart. My Mother’s Heart is sorrowing. My Heart is mourning. I mourn the loss of life in the womb. I mourn the loss of Holy Love in hearts. I mourn the loss of the pursuit of Truth.”

“I mourn for those souls who slip to their perdition because they believe in Satan’s lies and form their opinions and life styles around these errors. I mourn for those who do not believe in Satan or Hell. This is Satan’s perverse victory in hearts.”

“Yes, My Heart mourns beyond human comprehension. I long to repair the heart of the world. I long to piece together those hearts broken by unforgiveness. I long to be victorious in and through this Mission. I long for the conviction of hearts in the Truth and the reversal of all opposition to this Mission here. I desire all leaders be as loving shepherds, gently leading the flocks entrusted to them, renouncing disordered love of power and money, and seeking only the welfare of others. It is difficult to find such leaders in the world today.”

“I seek your consolation in all of this, and in return I will console you. My righteous followers suffer greatly at the hands of unbelievers. Allow Me to be your comfort.”