July 19, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I come to you once again in the presentation of My Most Mournful Heart. My Heart continually grieves for the loss of souls due to the abuse of authority and the compromise of Truth. These two promote sin. Abuse of authority has resulted in apostasy in many cases. Compromise of Truth is the basis of every sin. These are the same wounds I suffered when I walked the earth, only today they are more prominent and more openly apparent.”

“Abuse of authority and the compromise of Truth causes every war – every form of persecution in religious circles – and even denies the right of Heaven to intervene when necessary. Prayer is often openly discouraged. Freedoms are stripped away and denied – sometimes in the name of freedom.”

“Why do I come to you now in these times with the request for this Devotion to My Mournful Heart? I do so, for I can no longer mince words or stroke egos. I can no longer protect with politeness those who wound Me.”

“The sands of time do not respect error. I come now to uncover the gravity of what lies ahead if mankind does not make amends with his God and appease My Mournful Heart. In Truth, sins, Satan and Hell, do exist. In Truth, authorities need to acknowledge the spiritual warfare being waged in every moment. In Truth, when personal holiness is not encouraged, spiritual weakness is encouraged. Satan becomes stronger in your weakness.”

“A great war can be the only result of not recognizing your enemy. You can mitigate this by appeasing My Mournful Heart through prayer and sacrifice. Begin at once.”