July 22, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“It is very important now that you see how these two sufferings come together in My Mournful Heart and play off of each other. The compromise of Truth is certainly the basis of the abuse of authority. In this abuse and adherent to it, is the disordered use of compliance to obedience. Here, I am not referring to ones who have taken a vow of obedience – although this is often used to control, as well. I am referring to the sheep that the shepherd is given to tend. How often obedience comes clothed in goodness, but promotes a hidden self-serving agenda.”

“You must certainly see how so much of this has affected this apparition site. How can it be good to discourage people from coming here to pray?”

“Leadership must not hold itself above reproach. Leaders must be willing to listen, encourage that which is good and pray to accomplish God's Will, not their own. See why I have reserved this revelation of My Most Mournful Heart for this apparition site? This is what has opposed Me here – the compromise of Truth and the misuse of authority.”