July 23, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Allow Me to speak to you once again concerning My Mournful Heart. Long have I awaited the moment in time when I could reveal the Sorrow of My Heart. It is these wounds which are the crux of the world's woes; for compromise of the Truth, which makes up the thorns surrounding My Mournful Heart, is the basis of every sin. Abuse of authority – the wound of My Mournful Heart – causes many to slip to their perdition. Both of these transgress Holy Love. Both of these have directly opposed My Mission here.”

“I have been careful in the past not to offend or bruise egos. I cannot do so any longer. Holy Love has never been about control or power or the jealous guarding of territory. Holy Love is about the salvation of souls. My cry to all today is to put aside quarrels and to unite in this effort. Untruth and pretense of purpose are most certainly the enemy of your salvation. Important status in the world is given to you to bring peace and salvation to the world – not to lend importance to self.”

“If you are not working towards your own salvation and the salvation of others, then you are not with Me, but against Me. You are bringing pain into My Mournful Heart.”

“My concern is not to safeguard reputation or irreproachable decisions reached in error, but to bring the Light of Truth to hearts and unity to all people and all nations. Inscribed in My Heart is the pain of the righteous, who seek this goal with Me, but are being opposed by those clothed in goodness.”

“Pray, pray, pray.”