July 24, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today, I tell you, all leaders – no matter who they lead – must be held accountable for their decisions. When they are not, they easily cross the line into error. The Truth must be the foundation of their accountability. If leaders lace their decisions with lies and ambiguity, their tenure is one of confusion and deceit and not of Me.”

“Leaders should not expect that their decisions are irreproachable or that anyone who questions their decisions is in error. In the end, I am the Final Judge and weigh everything on the scale of Holy Love.”

“But, I speak to you today regarding the accountability, in Truth, for all leaders, as so much leadership has been abused; for no one holds them accountable. Truth cannot be presumed in many cases. The Truth often needs to be searched out. You cannot presume that office and position consequently stands for Truth.”

“Whole nations have been misled in this way. They believe their leaders to be irreproachable. People must not be afraid to question. If they are, their leaders have been given too much power and authority. This is true in every situation.”

“Often the ones who dare to question are the ones most persecuted and misunderstood.”

“Holy Boldness is the signature of those who seek the Truth in governments, institutions and every organization.”