July 25, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Once again, I reveal to you My Mournful Heart – a Heart which longs for the conversion of the hearts of all mankind – a Heart forsaken by most. Today, I will describe to you the anatomy of a dictatorship. This is, of course, the abuse of authority – the deepest Wound of My Heart.”

“It begins with an insatiable desire for power and is fed by the flames of control. Those who try to follow such a leader are misinformed and misled. Their goals become twisted and compromised, for they cease to live in the Truth. Before long, they have as their same goals – power and control – matching the agenda of their leader.”

“You can see in this description the rise of Nazism and Communism. Today, this pattern is repeated in many government and religious circles. Territories are clearly marked and any ‘outside’ opinions or advice is rejected.”

“This is not of Me. I desire unity in Holy Love. I hold no hidden agenda in My Heart. I call My flock together in an effort towards their own salvation. I call all people and all nations to Holy Love. I do not call upon mankind to form a One World Government or One World Religion. This would lead to a final dictatorship.”

“Watch the signs of such proposals. Remember My words to you today.”