July 25, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I am here, once again, seeking solace for My Most Mournful Heart. I come specifically to address religious leaders. I have not done so publicly, but the sands of time promote this need in My Heart. Please accept what I say with humility.”

“If you are in a religious leadership role, it is your vocation to save souls. To do so, you must promote sound doctrine, for you are the shepherd of the flock I give you to tend. You must not participate in or protect any sort of sin. You must not hold yourself above your flock, but lovingly guide and nurture them. Make the sacraments readily available, if you are part of the Catholic Church. Do all you can to maintain parishes and schools – only closing them if it is a necessity, for many suffer loss in such actions.”

“Educate in, and promote the Truth. This is the foundation of unity.”

“Never think that your title means you are more holy than others or that your decisions are infallible. That right – infallibility – is reserved for the Pope under certain conditions.”

“Do not deny the ‘Spirit of Truth’; the Holy Spirit.”

“Work diligently on your own personal holiness through Holy Love. Your holiness will be contagious.”