July 26, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

Jesus shows me a host that is broken in two. He says: “See how My Heart is broken for the sins of mankind. In My day, I was crucified for these same errors – the abuse of power and the compromise of Truth. Today, it is no different. You have, everywhere, examples of elected and appointed officials who do not support sound morals or the Ten Commandments, and because of their influence, they spread their errors everywhere.”

“I can no longer be silent. I must speak out. Do not betray the Holy Love I call you to. Accept what I am here to say. There are many leaders all around you who do not support the Truth and will not stand up for the Truth. They abuse their authority and deceive a vast majority of their constituents. Do not be charmed into believing that their position makes them right. If this were true, the world would not be in moral decline such as it is.”

“I return to the value of accountability. You must put it to use or pay the consequences. Do not think it is not your place or that it will not make a difference. These are tricks of Satan. The Truth must be defended and heard, especially when those in high office are in error.”

“Choose as your gospel, Holy Scripture and Holy Love – the scripture of your salvation. Do not make your gospel your opinions, false agendas or the immorality of false leaders.”

“Search out the reality of the Truth. I will assist you.”