July 26, 2013
Consecration to the Mournful Heart
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“You know that My Heart mourns for the loss of souls due to the misuse of power and authority and the compromise of Truth. I wish to give you now a consecration to My Mournful Heart which will serve to make amends and atonement to My Heart if it is prayed with sincerity.”

“Dear Jesus, I desire with all my heart to soothe Your Mournful Heart. You see souls that slip to perdition in every present moment due to the compromise of Truth and the abuse of authority.”

“Accept the small and great crosses I bear every day in atonement for the Thorns and Wound of Your Mournful Heart. Please correct consciences that they will live in the Truth and practice any position of authority justly. Amen.”