July 27, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“What I am about to say needs to be said openly and has long been in My Mournful Heart. I do not fear bringing Truth to light. You must not, either.”

“This Mission of Holy Love is a bright jewel of grace in this country, this continent, this hemisphere and in the world. The Messages lead souls to personal holiness. The spiritual journey through the Chambers of Our United Hearts is the way into the Divine Will of My Father. None of this – or the healings and conversions that take place here – has been considered. Instead, an attempt has been made to hide Heaven’s intervention here under a rock of untruths and deceit.”

“Many souls have been lost as a result. Many continue on their way to perdition, for they have summarily discouraged so many from coming here and believing. Think of the rosaries these ones have discouraged from being prayed here.”

“This remains an Ecumenical Ministry for all people and all nations in an attempt to convert the heart of the world to Holy Love. We cannot be denied this right by any human authority. We cannot be forced under the scrutiny and control of any authority for the sake of their control.”

“We are not to be feared, but encouraged. Solemnly, I tell you, this would not be happening if all were concerned for the salvation of souls.”

“I tell you, I do not act through the abuse of authority. I act as the Loving Shepherd – calling all to unity as one flock. I unite with Love. I do not command people to live in Holy Love. I invite. A loving shepherd respects his flock. He does not usurp his authority, but leads towards the welfare of all – losing sight of himself.”

“I have intervened in the world here to save souls. I am being opposed by those who call me ‘friend’.”