August 5, 2013
God The Father

I see the Great Flame of God the Father's Heart. He says: “I Am Who Am. I am the Eternal Now. I am your Eternal Father – Creator of the Universe. It is I Who brought this Mission into the world for the sake of all humanity – not just some. No other mission or apparition site has been given so much – the Protectress of the Faith Devotion; the United Hearts Revelation and the spiritual journey through the Sacred Chambers therein, which lead to My Divine Will; the Revelation and Image of Mary, Refuge of Holy Love; and at last, the Revelation of the Mournful Heart of Jesus. A myriad of Messages have been imparted to the world here, as well as miraculous waters.”

“Yet, with all that has been given, authorities have cast a nefarious shadow over My Works. My children, open your hearts and your eyes. My Love is all around you, and My Favor longs to rest upon you at this site and upon your lives. Do not choose to ignore Me – I, Who call you out of the spiritual desert in the world. Allow Me to mold you in My Love. I desire it.”