August 6, 2013
God The Father

I see the Great Flame that is the Heart of God the Father. He says: “I am the Eternal Now – Father of All Humanity. Today, My Heart is saddened by the distortion of Truth. My children have concocted their own truths to suit their life styles. My Son’s Mournful Heart is a reflection of My Own Grieved Heart.”

“The reception of this Mission in the world is but a symptom of society as a whole. People play the skeptic and the judge. They chase after reasons not to believe – conjuring up rash judgments – all the while ignoring the solid reasons to believe.”

“The reason this Mission exists in the world is to bring souls back to Me. I give them the grace here at this site to do so. But today, My children are more concerned with what the world thinks than what I think.”

“Until I can take up My Rightful Reign in all hearts, you will have distorted thinking as your ruler and guide. I come to warn.”