August 9, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

Jesus is holding His Mournful Heart. He says: “I desire that you have a medal struck with this image upon it. On the reverse, print ‘Mournful Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on me'. The one who wears this medal will not forget to offer small sacrifices to this Mournful Heart of Mine.”

“In the beginning of My confidences to you, I spoke about the Church of Atonement – not a new religion or even a physical structure – but a spiritual structure comprised of each soul's many little and great sacrifices. It is time now to resurrect those Messages. We have come full circle The Church of Atonement is the healing balm to be poured into My Most Mournful Heart.”

“These are the times when confusion will face off with the Truth more than ever before. The Truth will come to light through your efforts and sacrifices.”