August 12, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“This is how you can console My Mournful Heart – by trying to understand the pain I feel when I see souls making decisions contrary to their salvation. The slightest compromise of the Truth, although it may seem harmless, can profoundly affect the present and the future – not only of one soul, but of many.”

“The Truth, according to My Father's Will, is always Holy Love – from the smallest to the greatest issues and decisions.”

“Consider My Anguish as I watch life destroyed in the womb. Consider how I long to correct leadership which is based upon falsehood and unmitigated love of power. Consider My Desire to replace love of money and reputation in hearts with love of God and neighbor. Consider My Anguish as I watch the love of false gods take over hearts and uproot the Truth.”

“The reality of what consumes hearts today is beyond compare with any other generation. I have not stood by without trying to intervene such as I have here, at this site. But even My Efforts at direct intervention are met with disdain by those who are influential enough to lead many here.”

“So I am depending upon those who do believe – those with a sincere heart – to console My Mournful Heart in every effort. Help Me to overpower the evils of this age with the Truth.”