August 19, 2013
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“In the past, in other areas of the world, Heaven's intervention (by way of apparitions and private revelations) has been suppressed and even short circuited due to the abuse of authority. This has happened in many countries around the world. My visionaries have been defamed and rash judged. Investigations have been done which were cursory and in name only as a tool to discount Heaven's efforts. In nations such as France, where many miraculous events were approved, the people have subsequently lost their faith.”

“But here, there is too much at stake. These times are too crucial. The world needs the devotions and spirituality given here. Confusion is pouring out of the highest leadership. Pagan practices such as the offering of the young [abortion] and sodomy are accepted.”

“For these reasons, My Son has chosen to defend this Mission against the deceptions of leadership and all others who, steeped in pride, refuse to take seriously Heaven's call here.”

“Do not, My children, search out reasons to disbelieve. Confine your efforts to living out these Messages. This will bring you peace.”