August 26, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I invite you to see that the sin of abortion is a glaring example of the spirituality of the heart of the world today. It is a compromise of Truth in the reality of life at the moment of conception. Abortion is an abuse of power from parents to legislators who support this crime against life.”

“Man cannot change the laws of God to suit his purpose. Is it any wonder that Heaven’s intervention here today is ignored – even blasphemed – when the Ten Commandments have been trampled upon summarily day in and day out?”

“Today, you see all the signs of agnosticism. Church attendance is down. Faith is under attack as never before. The world clamors after every new form of technology while prayer and sacrifice are left unattended.”

“The general population lacks the wisdom to pursue the Truth. If the Truth does not suit him, he compromises reality.”

“All of these transgressions of My Mournful Heart bear their bad fruit as the heart of the world is consumed with disordered self-love.”

“I am asking each one today to pray for the desire to embrace the Truth and the wisdom to recognize the Truth.”