August 29, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today, please mourn with Me the loss of faith as it used to be. My Churches stand empty. This is a reflection of the emptiness in hearts. Every compromise of Truth is now acceptable – even in vogue. This is reflected in the moral decline and the rise of violence in the world today.”

“Those whom I traditionally have depended upon to support the Truth have very often abused their authority or compromised the Truth. Some have fallen into the evil trap of self-righteousness. Few there are who lovingly shepherd their flock and encourage salvation through Holy Love.”

“Many leaders try to pander to their flock by not opposing sin. This is a compromise of Truth that will follow them into eternity unless they repent, for they are shirking their responsibility.”

“Even worse is the opposition to Heaven's intervention, such as this apparition site. If so much rests upon the opinion of one leader, a grave responsibility rests on him to discern the Truth. Sadly, this has not been the case. Even sadder is that title carries with it righteousness, and that people do not look beyond title. Unfortunate is the heart that shelters agendas and motives which oppose Heaven's plan to save souls. This is the mentality which has formed factions within leadership I used to depend upon.”

“Bringing all of this to light has long been on My Heart. I share them today so as to help the world realize the plight of My Mournful Heart.”

“Please make all of this known.”