August 30, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today, I invite all people and all nations to put down their arms and to step onto this property – this Island of Grace. For it is here you will be united in the Truth – the Truth which is Holy Love.”

“There is no room in Heaven for hatred, vengeance or unforgiveness. You cannot find peace outside of My Father’s Will, which calls you into Holy Love. You do not have the resources to foster peace amongst all nations. Peace does not come from weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, hatred or any form of intolerance towards human rights. Peace is the fruit of living in Holy Love.”

“Here, at this site, is the oasis of grace you need to bring peace to all hearts and every nation. Set aside personal agendas and self-importance. Take to heart the welfare of one another. Live according to God’s Laws – not the compromised truth of some laws set in place today.”

“Holy Love is the Gateway to the New Jerusalem. Step through it. Be embraced by the Truth.”