September 15, 2013
Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Sorrows. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, I invite, once again, all people and all nations to allow Holy Love to take dominion over their hearts. My greatest sorrow is the same today as in ages past – the lack of Holy Love in hearts. This is the open door to Satan and all of his wiles.”

“My Sorrowful Heart beats in unison with the Mournful Heart of My Son. We both see the compromise of Truth and the abuse of authority as the reverse of the gospel message. We see from Heaven how these evils pervade hearts, affect every aspect of human existence, and stubbornly refuse correction. Love of reputation, status and esteem have replaced the Truth in hearts of leaders, thus causing the loss of many souls. Much time, energy and money has been surrendered to promote evil as worthy and good.”

“But, from Heaven, Jesus and I see into all hearts. The future does not bode well for any who reject Holy Love. You will never find joy in trying to please self instead of pleasing God. You cannot find peace outside of God's Divine Will which is Holy Love.”

“Surrender your hearts to the Truth. Then, My Son's Mournful Heart and My Sorrowful Heart will be greatly appeased. You will be at peace. You will find joy in the present moment.”