September 16, 2013
Jesus Christ


“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“In the past, I have gingerly tiptoed around this topic due to sensitive egos; but, I must speak out. Souls slip to their perdition, for there is no introspection. I must tell you, and I speak to all Church hierarchy that title does not guarantee your salvation.”

“All hierarchy, no matter their sect or affiliation, need to convey a loving concern for their flock. Control is not love. Do not hold yourselves above reproach and beyond error in every matter and all opinions. This is not part of the human condition. Understanding and open communication need to be your hallmarks.”

“Do not resent or deny the power of the Holy Spirit in and amongst your flock. Acknowledge the inspirations of the Holy Spirit even in the humblest. If you are fortunate enough to have an apparition (which is a direct intervention from Heaven) in your diocese, pray for fair, open-minded discernment. Do not try to do everything in your power to squelch it. Pay attention to what Heaven asks. Be a follower, first, before you discern. Otherwise, you may rash judge and mislead many. You are responsible for many good prayers left unsaid if you mislead.”

“Be open to My Constructive Criticism today. Do not allow Satan to discount this spiritual growth in your hearts. Lead with Holy Love. Do not mislead with your egos.”