September 28, 2013
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

‘”I have come to call the world to prayer. Prayer based on Holy Love is your means of reconciliation with God. Every vocation, whether the single life, marriage or the religious life, must have at its core – prayer. Prayer, dear children, is the vocation which must encapsulate every other vocation. It is the call within the call.”

“If prayer is excluded from your daily life, the soul is in danger of falling victim to evil inspirations. Good prayer, loving prayer, can lift up and unite the Church, governments and inspire every leader towards God's end.”

“You waste many present moments, dear children, when you could pray with Me that God's Will is victorious in hearts and in the world. I am always with you – praying for you – loving you and acknowledging your intentions. Be always with Me.”