October 14, 2013
God The Father

I see a Great Flame that I recognize as the Heart of God the Father. He says: “I Am the Eternal Now. I Am Who Am.”

“Comprehend that this Mission and this property come together as My Masterpiece. Every grace attendant here is a brush stroke which combines to produce this Great Work of Mine.”

“All that is offered here is like a fine work of art, which hangs in a gallery to be appreciated. The difference, however, is that a painting is viewed and appreciated exteriorly. This Work of Mine – this Ministry – exists to be fully appreciated by stepping into it interiorly and allowing your hearts to be changed forever! A painting may touch the heart momentarily, but this Mission is in place through My Divine Will to bring eternal value – your salvation.”

“Every grace that is offered is meant to bring the beauty of personal holiness into the world just like the brush stroke of a master upon the canvas. My ‘Canvas' is the human heart. My Brush is the Grace offered here. Each soul who comes here or who is touched by the Messages receives graces given in an individual and unique way such as no other.”

“Unite your hearts to My Divine Will and allow Me, your Loving Father, to make of you a masterpiece of holiness.”