November 30, 1996
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes in pale gray and white. She says: “My child, I come to you because you have come to Me. I invite you to understand that the coming liturgical year will bring many changes both in hearts and in the world. Evil will preside over many hearts and events — even more so than today. The greatest errors and tribulations will begin to unfold.”

“So that you will recognize these evils which are now formulating in hearts, I will reveal to you now the foretaste of their coming. Satan is attempting to take over the airways and every form of modern communications. His power will be felt in consumerism, shallow economies, and false teachings. Once again, he will masquerade as good. He has many subversive schemes to weaken faith and counter My plans on earth. He seeks the demise of every soul and the destruction of your peace.”

“Recall these, my words to you as this liturgical year unfolds. Rely on My grace and pray much. I seek your assistance in destroying My adversary — the red dragon. If you pray, you will not be fooled by his disguises. I am blessing you.”