November 5, 2013
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“I tell you, faith is always based upon Truth. If a soul places his faith upon untruth, it is no longer faith but misplaced trust. Institutions and governments must not embrace lies as a means of safeguarding reputation or authority. To do so, leads the entire body of belief away from reality.”

“God sees into hearts and cannot be fooled by any cunning play on words. His judgments are not stopped by labels or titles or worldly importance. The same God Who is Truth judges untruth. He cannot be tricked nor can His Truth be changed.”

“There are some who would say anything or do anything to protect their reputation, authority or what they deem as their territory. God does not honor that. God esteems the humble, the lowly, the little and those who choose Truth.”

“Live to be important in God's Eyes, to believe in God's Truth and to help Me to save souls.”

“The grace of the virtue of faith comes to you only when you embrace the Truth, dear children. God does not give you grace to embrace or to propagate lies about anyone or anything. Whole nations and institutions could change their direction if they would listen to Me.”