November 8, 2013
Mary, Protectress of the Faith

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, I invite you to see that as beautiful leaves wither and die, the beauty of faith in hearts is also drying up and dying. This is due to lack of nurturing by a fruitful spiritual environment. Here at this site you have a continual season of spiritual splendor. However, those who visit here must go back out into the coldness of the weary world.”

“Of all My apparitions, dear children, you are given the most here to carry on and to endure the insidious apostasy taking place in hearts today. I have come as the Protectress of Your Faith and the Mother, Defender of all Virtue. You can carry the water from Maranatha Spring with you as protection. You have received communications from Heaven and the Blessing Point.”

“What I am telling you, dear little children, is that you are never on your own in an unbelieving world unless you choose to be. Allow the graces given here to transform your hearts and your lives. You will not experience a bleak future, if you do so. Allow the Seal of Discernment – another beautiful grace given here – to lead you away from all that would lead you into apostasy.”

“Dear children, do not allow your faith to dry up, wither and die as the autumn leaves. See that untruth and abuse of authority are like the chilled wind that carries the leaf to the ground, only to lose its beauty. Allow Me to protect your faith from the wind of controversy. Place every doubt in My Immaculate Heart. Ask Me simply, ‘Mary, Protect My Faith'.”