November 14, 2013
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Faith is a matter of the heart. It remains intact so long as the soul keeps his focus on the Truth. When the Holy Love in his heart is compromised, faith is compromised. To oppose Holy Love means you oppose a basic tenet of faith. This is like shifting the foundation out from under your faith. The foolish unwisely think it doesn't matter; but a house built on a crumbling foundation will not stand long.”

“You must, in Truth, hold leadership responsible to the Truth. These days, anything goes and it is ‘in vogue' to accept sin as an alternative. How can the Tradition of Faith survive in such an atmosphere of error? I send angels to sow the seed of faith in hearts, but it is blown from their hands by the winds of controversy. It is man's pride in his own opinions which is the cause of all controversy.”

“Decide for your own salvation by pursuing the Truth of Holy Love. I cannot choose for you. It is the hour of reclamation of the true faith.”