November 24, 2013
Solemnity of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
Jesus Christ

Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate – King of All Nations.”

“I direct, protect and provide for every nation – if free will permits Me to. These days, and as Scripture unfolds in your midst, free will has become its own sovereign. Nations follow evil instead of the Divine. Any nation that legalizes sin, such as abortion or same sex marriage, has separated itself from Me and from the Divine Will of My Father. These are the ones who willingly pursue the path of self-destruction, which is paved with the bricks of moral degeneration.”

“In Heaven, the Father has seated Me upon a Throne. I am surrounded by angels and saints who adore and worship Me as the Father commands. On earth, few regard Me with such esteem, though I am the same Jesus. Even worse is the disregard mankind shows for My Love and Mercy.”

“Now, when I intervene with these Messages of Holy Love, My efforts are met with skepticism as an excuse not to pursue this singular spiritual journey. My Justice cries out. It is the gentle Hand of My Mother which withholds it.”

“Comprehend the seriousness of these, My words to you today. Take to heart My Kingship and allow Me to reign in your hearts. As you try to negotiate peace amongst nations, make peace first with your Jesus, King of All Nations.”