December 6, 2013
Jesus Christ

Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Do not be discouraged in any effort towards personal holiness. Some have to enter the Vestibule of Our United Hearts over and over again. Each time, they must hold themselves accountable for even the smallest grievance against Holy Love. At the end of each day, I call each soul back into the Vestibule of Grace to make a self-examination of conscience. There, they will be able to see what is holding them back from a deeper journey through the Chambers. Then, they will pass, once again, through the Doorway of My Mercy.”

“The conviction of heart in the Truth is vital to every conversion. No one who seeks holiness can be self-satisfied. But, sanctimony is very often the pitfall of those who are attempting to make the journey through Our Hearts. This is a compromise of the Truth which grieves My Mournful Heart and inhibits true holiness. Do not try to impress anyone with virtue or even gifts of the Holy Spirit.”

“This is a flaw and propels you out of any Chamber of Our Hearts back into the Vestibule. Conversion of heart is offered in every present moment to all.”