December 29, 2013
God The Father

I see a big Flame which I have come to know to be the Light from the Heart of God the Father. He says: “I Am the Eternal Now. I Am the Father and Creator of All. It is I Who author time. It is I Who create every present moment. Although you have never seen Me or My Heart, you see the Light of My Heart.”

“I tell you somberly, My Heart is grieving. My Heart grieves the abuse of all the graces tendered forth in every present moment. Each soul receives in each present moment the particular grace he needs towards his conversion. But most often these graces go unrecognized, unappreciated and unused. The state of the world today cries out for this moment-to-moment conversion. I send a multitude of graces through My Son and the Holy Virgin, not to mention inspirations through My Holy Spirit. Yet the world pulls farther and farther away from Me.”

“The abyss between My Heart and the heart of mankind widens with every liberal choice mankind makes.”

“Show mercy upon My Grieving Heart. Make amends by searching out the grace in the present moment and responding to it with Holy Love.”