January 6, 2014
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, I come, as always, seeking to place the rosary in your hands, for this is your defense against weapons of mass destruction and every diabolical plan. I seek to place Holy Love in your hearts so that you can be at peace and be saved.”

“Do not be stubbornly complacent in acting according to My call to you. Do not use the excuse that it is ‘okay' to disbelieve just as others do. Take the first step in faith by praying the rosary. I will give you the grace you need to believe.”

“Every doubt is from Satan who does not want you to believe or to pray. When you pray the rosary, dear children, Satan loses power in your hearts and in the world.”

“Do not allow these, My words to you, to go unheeded. Pray, pray, pray.”