January 8, 2014
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The predicaments of life – those that upset your daily routine – can be a big distraction spiritually.* But even when you are too busy to connect with Me, I am watching over you.”

“It is the ones who never connect with Me that I mourn for. They do not see the Truth of My Provision which is always around them. They do not expect or even suspect My Abundance, but see all things as human effort. Therefore, these are the ones who remain ungrateful and unloving towards Me.”

“The soul cannot trust in Me who does not see how I lead him through every crisis. Such a one depends on his own cleverness to see him past obstacles and not any spiritual inspiration.”

“I send you power through the grace of My Mother's Heart, the presence of the angels and the intercession of all the saints to lead you and guide you. None of this is by accident but carefully calculated by the Divine Will of My Father – the Master Weaver of the tapestry of your life.”

“Do not allow any of these Truths to be compromised in your heart. I come today to deepen each one's trust.”

* Yesterday, all natural gas was cut off to Eaton Township, Elyria and North Ridgeville due to an accident. The result was no heat. Temps were below zero with wind chill -38 degrees. This lasted almost 24 hours. Now it is restored.