February 5, 2014
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, your city is experiencing a snowstorm. It is visibly crippling the area. It was forecast but is still a threat to many, especially the marginalized. This storm, while serious, is not as dangerous as the storm of evil which is overpowering the world. While the storm of evil was given fair warning, people did not prepare, and remain vulnerable to its effects. You can see the snow piling up. It is visible, but, dear children, the effects of the storm of evil are invisible. The effects of evil cannot be shoveled away. While I give you the way to ‘melt' this evil, Holy Love, relatively few listen.”

“Just as you seek warmth in this weather, dear children, seek the protection of My Immaculate Heart amidst this storm of evil. This snowstorm will pass and give way to Spring. I promise. But, the storm of evil will certainly intensify unless more recognize the threat and magnitude of its effects.”

“The snowstorm is outside. The storm of evil, which threatens your very salvation, is in hearts. Place Holy Love in your hearts. It is the way into the shelter of My Immaculate Heart, the warmth of which Satan cannot penetrate.”