September 6, 2000
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to speak to you once again about the false conscience. This is a conscience that is not formed in truth. Such a one does not recognize sin for what it is. Perhaps he has replaced truth with human reasoning. In this way, the soul may believe he is justified in picking what commandments, Church law, or dogma he will follow and accept. But when the soul comes to Me for judgment, I do not follow this erroneous thinking. I ask, ‘Did you love Me enough to keep all the Commandments, and if Catholic did you obey the Church Law and not challenge Doctrine and Tradition?' ”

“A false conscience is like this. There are two canoes leaving shore. A little way out from shore each canoe develops a leak. The man in the first canoe, on seeing the leak, repairs it and arrives safely to the opposite shore. The man in the second canoe, on seeing the leak, decides to ignore it. He even denies that it is there. His canoe soon sinks beneath the water – the man along with it.”

“The conscience is much like this canoe. If the soul denies he is guilty of error, in My eyes his sin is still not pardoned. The law is the law. Individual consciences cannot change it. No one can debate with Me at their last judgment and convince Me that wrong is right. For I know the Truth and all humanity has been given the Truth. I will not be swayed by catch-all phrases such as, ‘right to choose', ‘feminism', or ‘alternative lifestyle'. These terms are inspired by the adversary.”

“Ask for the grace to look with honesty and integrity into your own heart. It will be granted.”