September 8, 2000
Conversation with Jesus
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to converse with you. On the 15th of this month many will gather to honor My Mother's Sorrowing Heart. I tell you somberly, Her Heart is but a reflection of My Most Sacred Heart, which sorrows for the errors of mankind. The bitterest trial of My Heart is the complacent and compromised soul. This is the heart that never takes stock of where he stands before God. There is no guard before the door of such a heart against evil. Therefore, Satan has free reign over each present moment.”

“There is a place in the Fifth Chamber of My Heart for each soul. Imagine how this Chamber echoes with Sorrow as few seek it out.”

Maureen asked Jesus what she could do to console Him.

“My Consolation is your ‘yes' to this mission. Remain undaunted in the face of opposition. Everyone who opposes this Message has been tricked by the adversary. Soon a great Light of Truth will illuminate the world. Many who rash judged My Mission will reverse their error. But for now, your perseverance consoles Me. How often late at night when you sleep I bend over you and kiss you to give you strength.”