September 11, 2000
Conversation with Divine Love
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Contemplate My Wounds, for to do so appeases My Heart. When you meditate on My Passion and Death you are able to overcome Satan's temptations in the present moment.”

“I have covered this Mission with My Most Precious Blood, just as I protected My First Apostles.”

“I have revealed to you the path of littleness and simplicity in the spiritual journey of Our United Hearts, for it is only through littleness you can reach the great and majestic depths of My Sacred Heart. Those who seek to become great in the eyes of men cannot pursue this path, for the key that opens the door to the Chambers of My Heart is self-abnegation. I am not in the heart that wants to use this journey to become great in the world. I am in the little heart that seeks only to please Me.”

“If you are following Me, your thoughts will not be centered on self but on Me and all others through Holy Love. This indeed is the litmus test of the depth of your response to this Message and My Final Judgment of you. You will please make this known.”