April 10, 2014
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The purpose of these Messages is to challenge untruth and to convict hearts. It is only in this Light of Truth, spiritual conversion can take place. There is a popular trend in the world today to show tolerance towards sin. This is evident in governments by the legal decisions that are reached concerning same-sex marriages, as well as abortion. Consider here the ‘morning-after' pill made so readily available.”

“People do not realize or even care about the widening abyss that yawns wide between Heaven and earth. While they are intent on placating the sinner, people have no regard for appeasing My Mournful Heart. The very ones who should step in on behalf of the Truth have become compromised by trendy tolerance.”

“Always stand for the Truth. Always maintain a righteous sense of good versus evil. Your hearts, My brothers and sisters, must be balanced in Holy Love. Ask your angels to help you with this.”