April 17, 2014
Holy Thursday
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My Mother first gave Me to the world in the stable in Bethlehem. She continues in every present moment to surrender Me to the world as She knows My Mission continues – that of transforming the heart of the world through Holy Love and to conformity with the Divine Will.”

“The task becomes more and more daunting as Governments have assumed responsibility for moral decisions. I do not ask you to obey any law which leads you away from Me. I desire to embrace the heart of the world once again. The moral decline of the heart of the world is each one's responsibility. If you cooperate with evil you are part of it.”

“You, My brothers and sisters, are children of the Light. Do not allow Truth to become dim by way of any compromise. Remain in the brilliance of the Light of Truth.”

“I have chosen each of you for these times. I know full well your strengths and your weaknesses. Be My Disciples of Holy Love always and everywhere.”