April 18, 2014
Good Friday
Blessed Virgin Mary

“Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, I invite all people and all nations to stand with Me at the foot of the Cross united in Holy Love. Place whatever divides you in My Son's Most Mournful Heart. My Son hung on the Cross for every soul, not just some or a certain group. He did not die seeking approvals, but embracing the Will of His Father. The manner in which He was put to death was considered a disgrace, but His Suffering and Death is exalted above all others today.”

“You must realize that grace most often comes clothed in the Cross. If your heart is conformed to God's Will you most readily can recognize even the most hidden grace.”

“My children, I need your support at the foot of the Cross. I cannot bear the sorrows I see in the heart of the world alone.”