April 29, 2014
Feast of St. Catherine of Siena
St. Catherine of Siena

“St. Catherine of Siena says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Last night you watched intently as violent tornadoes marched across your country, damaging property and taking lives. Through modern technology, it was possible to see just where the storms were going and who would be struck next.”

“I have come to point out that the storm of compromised Truth is sweeping across every part of the world. Unlike the tornadoes that can be tracked most readily, this storm is too often unrecognized as a threat. Yet, the storm of compromised Truth is more deadly than any tornado. It jeopardizes the soul's salvation. Untruth cannot be tracked on a radar screen. It is often unlikely who will be swept up in this storm next. There are no tell-tale signs such as the weather patterns that cause tornadoes.”

“In a tornado, you can see a cloud of debris around the funnel cloud. In the storm of the compromised Truth, the ‘debris' is far-reaching, bringing down many leaders, governments and causing every sort of scandal within Church circles. Even as the ‘debris' identifies the storm, some continue in their efforts to deny the existence of the storm.”

“This is why the Heart of Jesus is so Mournful. Continue to console Him with prayers and sacrifice.”