May 1, 2014
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother says, “Praise be to Jesus.”

“In recent days, we have watched the robins building a nest near your house. I have come to help you to comprehend the safe Refuge I offer all of mankind in My Immaculate Heart. The little birds feel safe and protected in their nest, but, really, they are quite vulnerable. So, too, souls who do not conscientiously live in Holy Love make themselves vulnerable even in the Refuge of My Heart. My Heart cannot hold captive, souls who give in to sin. It is the soul's free-will choice to live in Holy Love which secures his place in My Heart.”

“Since the Flame of My Heart is a Purifying Flame, even the soul most committed to Holy Love will be challenged to overcome his iniquities. Every soul has weaknesses. Satan knows these inroads to your peace better than you. This is how he attacks. I encourage souls to see that as these weaknesses are revealed through the Flame of My Heart, it should not be a source of anxiety and guilt, but a call to renewal in Holy Love – making your place in My Heart more secure.”

“Remember, My Heart is your constant Refuge. It is perhaps the most difficult of all of the chambers.”