May 7, 2014
St. Catherine of Siena

“St. Catherine of Siena says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Throughout the course of human history, moral decadence has resulted in the decline and fall of empires and nations. This is the effect of separation between the heart of man and the Heart of God.”

“As this abyss widens, humanity withdraws from God's Protection and His Provision. He is left more and more on his own. This is the cost of disregard for God's Laws and the embrace of sin. As often as this has happened, man seems unable to learn from history.”

“This is why nature seems to rebel against human welfare. This is why self-aggrandizement has overtaken governments. This is why sins have been embraced by legalization and moral degradation is encouraged.”

“Recognize the path you are following, ‘Man of Earth'. Withdraw your support of godlessness before it is too late.”